Monday, September 01, 2008

How things like this happen

I've been browsing the blogosphere again, looking at the reactions to the news that Bristol Palin is pregnant, is keeping the baby, and is marrying the father.

The sick and twisted among us are using phrases like "unable to control her own daughter" and "didn't pass her values along" and, that universal constant, "hypocrisy."

But let me give you some insight into how perfectly staunch Christians and other believers in abstinence before marriage can end up pregnant anyway. It's not from a lack of belief or a tendency toward hypocrisy or any remarkable kind of moral failing.

This is what happens:

In the cold light of day, these young girls (I speak only for the gender to which I belong) can hold very strong convictions about the proper time for sexual intimacy. They can embrace it and believe it and have every intention of following through with those beliefs.

Unfortunately, they are also very inexperienced about How Things Can Go Too Far, and being the Invulnerable Teenagers they are, they tend to believe that their convictions are sufficient. They think that they can put the brakes on their make-out sessions at any time, no problem.

What they don't know is that the arousal sequence includes a point where the inhibition centers of the brain get dialed way down, and the pleasure centers get amped way up, to the point that you stop caring if it's wrong or a bad idea or whatever.

Which is what your brain is supposed to do, after all, or the species would soon die out.

Experienced women know that you have to control the situation from the beginning, meaning that you don't put yourself into temptation's path in the first place. But 17-year-old girls don't have stellar judgment to begin with, so these things happen from time to time.

Look, I would marvel at the fact that I made it out of my teens without committing that same error, except that the boyfriends I had during high school and college were both closet cases. So, no virtue or superior judgment on my part.

My whole extended family is staunch LDS, but I know of three couples among my grandparents, aunts, and uncles whose children were conceived before the wedding. Among my cousins, who knows.

But religious people all know relatives who "had to" get married, and maybe they themselves did. The difference is that we believe that when you commit the easiest sin of all to commit (and no one is immune from the temptation), there are proper ways to deal with the aftermath. And the Palins are doing what's best for all concerned according to Christian teachings.

She couldn't control her own daughter? What was she supposed to do? Make her wear a chastity belt? Lock her in a closet until she is 35? Forbid her to ever be alone with a boy?

I mean, come ON, people!

At LGF, a statement by James Dobson on the proper Christian response to this type of thing.

The usually irreverent Ace of Spades expounds on the extraordinary nerve that Lefties have in lecturing anyone at all about morality.

And Jeff Goldstein lays into them too, with satisfying results, as a follow-up to his now-legendary round-up of Leftist toxic dumping on Sarah Palin herself.


Anonymous said...

"What they don't know is that the arousal sequence includes a point where the inhibition centers of the brain get dialed way down, and the pleasure centers get amped way up, to the point that you stop caring if it's wrong or a bad idea or whatever."

And that's from the distaff side, which has a built-in biological bias toward keeping one male around to have kids with. From the guy's side, you won't even get that, because all of his biological programming is to scatter his genes as widely as he can just in case today is the day he has to give his life so the women and children don't get eaten by the sabre-tooth (Kodiak bear in Alaska).

Yes, the ideal is that Will and Faith are supposed to provide humans with the tools to override biology, but in this our Fallen world it just doesn't always work that way.... in which case you pick yourself up, acknowledge your failing, make sure that the consequences are dealt with by regularizing the pairing and its' results, and go on. However, dealing with those results doesn't include the moral license to flush away another human being, in most religious faiths. Incidentally, one of the reasons that Christianity took over the Roman Empire is that it gave women a moral reason to avoid the infanticide / abortion pressure and keep their kids.

the WIZARD, fkap said...

Dicentra, Thanks for your insight. And thanks for stopping by my blog.

On the LDS front I am a huge fan of Carmen Rasmusen and strongly recommend her book Staying In Tune where she talks very openly and honestly about how she "stuck to her goal of staying true to the Young Women values, including modesty, chastity, and obedience to the Word of Wisdom."

She talks about the very same issues you address in your blog entry today, including just how difficult it can be to maintain abstinence in a world loaded with constant sexual pressure.

Back on topic, the Liberal bashing of Bristol Palin is inexcusable. I'm a bigger fan of Sarah Palin with each passing moment.

the Wizard....

P.S. I like Carmen Rasmusen's music, too. Her CD's cam be downloaded over on Amazon or on iTunes.

mythusmage said...

There's also a tendency among people to consider pregnancy as a result of sex as an interesting theory, with little connection with fact. For the great majority of people the reason for having sex is sex. It's fun. The kid is an unintended consequence.

RickinVa said...

Dicentra, I wondered if you might consider the offer I've posted here ( in response to what I see to be some serious "sick and twisted" stuff that's been put up on a Religious Leftist blog? I'm hoping so but understand if you perhaps you can't or won't.

By the way, I came here by way of Morgan Freeberg over at House of Eratosthenes.



Anonymous said...

White trash + Christian abstinence = dumb kids that get pregnant.

Thanks for the LDS perspective. Maybe you can tell us about God on a planet near the star Kolob with his wives having spiritual children. Great stuff, albeit twisted.

Anonymous said...

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