Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Quote of the Day

From a comment over at PW:
You haven’t got a clue. You couldn’t get a clue if you covered yourself in clue musk and stood in a field full of horny, lusty clues, during clue mating season.


Drew458 said...

Where they talking about you? I hope not.

I followed the Insta-lanche to that post at PW, and saw your comment, #22, and came here on your link.

This was a most excellent comment, so of course it was mostly ignored. The only addition I would make would be something along the lines that Idealistic Patriotism really isn't real patriotism, because it's based on (an) idea(s) that aren't reflected in any kind of national reality. In other words, you can't love America if the America you love exists only inside your head as a Socialist Worker's Paradise, because that's not how it is.

Is this anything like little girls fantasizing about Mr. Right, and merely putting up with, but secretly dissappointed by, whatever guys they meet throughout the rest of their life because they aren't an embodiement of that fantasy? To which the right response, I think, is "Oh grow up!"

PS - I'm going to blog about your comment.

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