Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Why We're Angry

Many of the pundits on the right are perplexed by the apoplexy of most of talk radio and the blogosphere over McCain's apparent nomination to the GOP.

Here's the reason for the "Kossak-like anger," Glenn:

For about a year, over here in alternate-media land (talk radio and the dextrosphere), it's been all about Rudy, Mitt, and Fred--Fred, Mitt, and Rudy. McCain and Huckabee were nowhere on our radar, and didn't appear to be on anyone else's, either.

We've slowly grown disillusioned with GW Bush's "compassionate conservatism" and the country's slow slide into the Nannystate.

So all of the sudden, the primaries arrive, and out of nowhere, there's this Huckabee chap who strikes new-media types as a Jimmeh Carter with an -R after his name. And he takes Iowa for no apparent reason.

That made no sense. No sense at all.

Then McCain sweeps in from left field (literally) and takes the nomination. McCain: whose mutual animosity with the conservative base and New Media has been going on for years.
  • Whose amnesty bill was opposed by 70% of the entire population. (And who hired Juan Hernandez on the one hand while saying he's "learned his lesson" on the other.)

  • Who believes in Global Warming and would spend 1.2 trillion annually to fix it.

  • Who wants to shut down Gitmo.

  • Who doesn't understand that tax cuts "for the rich" fill the state's coffers and employ the poor.

  • Who organized the Gang of 14 so that SCOTUS nominees can't get an up or down vote.

  • Who uses class warfare language to defend his positions.

  • Who thinks the Fairness Doctrine and other free-speech restrictions are dandy.

  • Who TWICE has flirted with crossing over to the Dems.

This makes no sense to us. No sense at all. And it came upon us fast, like a 2x4 to the back of the head.

And strangely enough, we're howling in pain over this very unexpected, inexplicable blow.

Screaming that we'd rather vote for Hillary than McCain is more an expression of rage over the fact that the party has failed—again—to nominate an actual conservative. We supported Bush because he was "good on the war," as is McCain, but Bush was a moron the rest of the time.

We don't want that to happen again.

Of course, what happened is that most voters don't inhabit the New Mediasphere, so they haven't been hashing all these issues out day after day, and in many cases, they aren't aware at all of who believes what. Most voters would rather not deal with the political morass until they absolutely have to, and they go on impressions rather than analysis. That's just how people are. I can't say I blame them, either.

We may be Kossak-like in intensity, but there is an important difference: Kossaks raged because they were denied the levers of power, thus to impose their idea of a Good Society on the benighted masses.

We are enraged at the prospect of someone else using the levers of power to micromanage our lives. That it might be a Republican—again—is enough to drive anyone to madness.

Don't worry: most of us will calm down by November. Life turns on a dime, and anything could happen between now and then to focus our minds differently than they're focused today.

Let us yell for awhile, K? It's cathartic. And catharsis is one of the aims of Tragedy, which this is.