Friday, September 21, 2007

Quote of the Day

From Protein Wisdom, on the rank and file of the Left:
I rather doubt many of them have followed to their logical conclusions the premises upon which they base their entire political world view — preferring instead to live in the heady subjunctive of their fantastical present, where "activism" appears a kind of righteous protest against the ostentatious inequity of outcome, a howl directed at the cruel face of capitalist excess, whose invisible hand these egalitarian warriors believe should be broken and reset by benevolent social surgeons until it is capable of doing no more than gently cupping those poor souls who might otherwise fall.


Anonymous said...

Hello Dicentra,
I followed your link from PW's recent post on Soros' meddling in our political sphere, in order to offer my proven solution to Bindweed infestations.

Glyphosphate (Round-up) will work on bindweed. But it'll take a lot of patience to succeed.

Each time the exposed foliage burns, the roots will send up new tops. But if you reapply every time that the roots send up a new shoot, the tops will not reform and the roots will ultimately starve for lack of sugars.

Also, I discovered that smothering the attenuated plant under inches of bark-mulch can speed up its death.

If, in the following year, they poke their heads up again, just reapply the Round-up, and you should have it licked.

Note: pulling the rambling tops first will allow the gardener to focus the Glyphosp. spray on the re-emerging crown of the pest-plant - so you won't have to spray all the surrounding, desireable vegetation in the process.

Tying this back to the gist of Jeff's Soros post, I think that the same diligence-over-time coupled with a smothering mulch should work against Soros and his invasive Tranzis.

The best,

dicentra63 said...

Hey steveaz.

I have heard that diligence does the deed with bindweed, but I have been suffering from ideopathic fatigue for lo these past 6 years or so, and I don't have the energy or the motivation even for a bit of spraying.

But thanks just the same. Maybe there is hope for my crummy piece of ground.