Friday, August 03, 2007

Acronym Soup (in Honor of STB)

Over on Protein Wisdom, I posted some acronyms last night that I came up with to describe the Scott Thomas Beauchamp episode.
Well, there are several ways for this to turn out: we could keep repeating our chorus of WHAT A DOUCHEBAG (Wannabe Hemmingway Artlessly Trashes Army, Driving Opinionators Utterly Crazy, Hoping Evidence Belies All Garbage).

Or when it turns out that he totally lied, it will be EGREGIOUS (Emohawk Gains Renown, Emoting Garbage In Outrageously Untrue Slander).

Or, if his stories check out, it would be a TRAIN WRECK (TNR’s Right, And Incensed Neocons & Wingers Reluctantly Eat Crow Kabobs).

But now that we know he was lying, I've changed a few words: WHAT A DOUCHEBAG: Wannabe Hemmingway Artlessly Trashes Army, Driving Opinionators Utterly Crazy, Having Evidence Blasting All Garbage.

But see, the commenters over there did not hail my genius and begin to employ the acronyms in everyday conversation. Had I done this at my old haunt, HP for Grownups, they would have. New clubs would have sprung up, each adhering to one or the other theory, and the battle would ensue, the acronyms becoming immortalized. Such as LOLLIPOPS did over at HPfGU lo these many years ago (Love Of Lily Left Ire Polluting Our Poor Severus), and which turned out to be true.

Boy does my life suck. I totally write an acronym that totally predicts the future, and I get NO CREDIT for it. None!

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