Tuesday, July 31, 2007

In the Similitude of Dihydrogen Monoxide

Glenn Beck, that prankster, has created a sticker to put on your car that says "Hydrocarbon Powered Eco-Vehicle."

And he's invited his readers to share the public's reaction to the sticker. In only one case did someone clue in and — wait for it — black out the sticker with a Sharpie®. (Imagine the uproar on the left if someone blacked out a vulgar bumpersticker or a rainbow square.)

In the other cases, people were duly impressed and wondered how they could convert their car to burn hydrocarbons.

Morons. I bet most of them vote, too.

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walt said...

Beck is one of the funniest guys around! I've been listening to him since...ah, well, since his "more creative" days.

What I like most about him now are his reflective monologues about faith and values.

Your new format looks good, BTW!