Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I give up

I was going to wax eloquent on the second and third aspects of The Perils of Illegal Immigration, but then I read this post over at Ace of Spades and collapsed into a heap of quivering despair.

I was already incredulous about the provision that people could get their Z-visas if a 24-hour background check failed to turn up anything disagreeable. A private investigator with only one client would be hard pressed to do a thorough investigation in 24 hours, but the GOVERNMENT? Right.

But it turns out that:

Employers cannot attempt to ascertain a prospective employee's legal status prior to hiring. They have to hire, then after an investigation of several months turns something up, they can fire them.

The only "affidavit" people need to establish how long they've been in the US is a note from someone not related to them. Also known as the "have your friend forge a note from your mother excusing your absence from school yesterday."

And that's just two of them.

Here's what I sent to my two senators:
Sen. Hatch/Bennett:

If you have not already done so, please consult this list of 20 loopholes in the proposed immigration bill that were found by your colleague, Jeff Sessions (R-Alabama).


I think that you will agree that the writers of this bill are profoundly unserious about border enforcement, getting rid of undesirables (criminals, terrorists, gang members, child molesters), limiting employment to legally eligible persons, and establishing who exactly is here.

As happy as some Senators are about this bill, one thing they keep forgetting is that their constituents, on both the left and the right, loathe this bill with all their souls.

If you vote for this travesty, I will personally campaign AGAINST you and FOR whomever runs against you.

Show some backbone, Senator. We'd be better off with the status quo than with this abortion.

The bill is a joke from beginning to end and Bush and McCain know it. That's why they accuse the bill's opponents of racism and not being "for diversity."

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