Thursday, May 10, 2007

The fallacy of requiring proof

Now I've heard it all. A lefty who ridicules people for doubting anthropogenic global warming refers to "the fallacy of requiring proof."

I guess that's related to the fallacy of believing your own lying eyes instead of what the profs tell you in your Womyn's Studies class.

Also at Protein Wisdom.

"Up is down, black is white, Potsie is the Fonz." — Jeff Goldstein


Judy Serenity said...

Hi, Dicey!

I've been meaning to write to you.

I found your blog by following a link from the video of a kitty who enjoys being vacuumed. Wish my kitties would let me do that!

Interesting that the column you link to is by Orson Scott Card. I'm not sure I knew that he wrote political columns. I tried to find the article he was referring to, the one where the guy said proof was unnecessary, but I couldn't find it. So, I don't know if Orson Scott Card was accurately representing what the guy said, or not.

Why are you picking on Women's Studies professors? I used to be one, and I'm big on proof!

Ok, now it's back to looking for more cute pictures of cats!

dicentra63 said...

Hi Judy.

I couldn't find the article on the Internet either. It was in a local Greensboro, NC paper. But I've seen similar kinds of statements from the global warning hysterics and other types of hopped-up academics who enjoy tearing down every last shred of the Enlightenment and science and stuff, so I don't doubt that OSC is telling the truth.

As for "Womyn's Studies," that's shorthand on the right side of the blogosphere for any non-serious college course that is more interested in propaganda and politics than in pursuing Knowledge and Truth.

I seem to recall that you told me that one of your students wanted to write a paper and use a work of fiction as evidence of some sociological phenomenon. So I remember that you are one of those profs who does still believe that facts count. In the Humanities, some are actively hostile to the very concept of facts and truth.