Thursday, April 19, 2007

In which I make a funny

I managed to be commenter #2 on LGF's post on how some Somalis were insulted by the bag of hamsteak that was set down on their table.

I've been waiting to use that reference for years. That this is the highlight of my day should tell you something about my life, none of it good.

UPDATE: And by none of it good, I mean that my life is pretty pathetic, in a self-deprecating sort of way. Except for the fatigue I'm still fighting, my life isn't all that bad.

And someone just flattered me via imitation on this Hot-Air thread (scroll to 11:42), but failed to mention the grand jury, which makes the joke work.

1 comment:

walt said...

Yes, well...God is in the details.

Hope things improve soon for you.