Monday, January 01, 2007

Letter from Orrin Hatch III

I must have made some quick comment about ISG and Gates prior to writing this letter. Either that, or this is a really lame answer. More lame than usual, that is.

11 December 2006

Dear Ms. XXX:

Thank you for writing to express you [sic] feelings about the Iraq Study Group and the nomination of Robert Gates.

The report of the Iraq Study Group represents an important bi-partisan effort to determine an effective strategy for conducting the war in Iraq. It is by no means the only such effort. There are several other proposals pending, including those being developed by the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the National Security Council. It is my hope that the President will listen to all reasonable proposals for accomplishing our goals in Iraq. I believe that there have been some good proposals made to the Bush Administration, including some by the Iraq Study Group, but I will leave it to the President to decide which recommendations to listen to and which to reject.

[Repeat of paragraph "Regarding your comments opposing Robert Gates's nomination..." from this response]


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