Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Let's See What They Say This Time

Another letter to the Congresscritters:

This is an issue of great importance to me: the selling of the War in Iraq and the general War on Terror.

Everyone knows that President Bush is not the Great Communicator that Ronald Reagan was. As a consequence, all of his enemies get to do all the talking for him. I know the president doesn't give a hang about public opinion, but unfortunately, public opinion affects more than troop morale: it affects Iraqi morale and the morale of others who trust us to defend them.

In Human Events, John Hawkins says it best:

"Also, please, please, Mr. President, start defending yourself. When prominent Democrats accuse you of lying to America, torturing prisoners, or screwing the middle-class, tear a chunk out of them every once in a while instead of letting them get away with slapping you around. Americans tend not to like extreme attacks on their President, but if they hear them day in and day out and you never respond, they start to get the idea that maybe you're staying quiet because what they're saying is true. Don't let that continue to happen, Mr. President."

If the president can't or won't get his face out in public more often and slap some people down for their lying attacks on him, someone else needs to. Find someone in Congress who is especially articulate and get that person on all the news programs and talk radio shows you can find. Regularly. The president's enemies won't be silenced by a few good smack-downs, they need to be smacked down each time they open their vile gobs.

Those of us in the blogosphere and on talk radio are preaching to the converted—we need people in the mainstream media selling the war all day, all the time.

This war CAN be lost on public opinion alone, just as Vietnam was. "Never again" applies to evacuating Saigon, too.


hoarhey said...


Unfortunately, George Bush has taken his "new tone" to the nth degree as if it will make a difference to the haters on the left in Congress. He could bend over backwards (which he has) and it still won't make a difference to them. They are about power and their agenda while projecting the same on Republicans.
I'm afraid that after this past election, he has gone limp and that we will see more of his father in him over the next two years. I'm afraid that he will contunue to capitulate until even those in his own party have no respect for him. He began the downhill slide with the resignation of Rumsfeld the day after the elections caving in with John Bolton and it appears he will capitulate on tax cuts also. All this, and the Dems haven't even assumed power yet. I don't see alot of bright spots for the next two years and if the Dems hold Congress and get a President elected in 08', God help us.

P.S., The rose comment was just an off the cuff fantasy reference to wandering in your garden. I wasn't making a specific reference to the flowers in your picture although after I published the comment, I thought that you would probably see it as referencing your picture. :)

dicentra63 said...

I have the same fears that you do. His hiring of Gates adds to the concern, as does the very existence of the Iraq Surrender-monkeys Group and its realistic report.

As for the roses, I'm not a big rose person, but the ones I do grow are pretty nice. I bought them in little pots in a grocery store and thought they were true miniatures. They're now 4 feet high and bloom from spring through Halloween, nice and peachy when new, fading to antique white when old.

What really grow well in my pathetic soil are, interestingly enough, the dicentras. :D

hoarhey said...

Speaking of the surrender monkeys, one of the (I can't remember his name) an ex Clinton appointees actually gave the democrat rebuttal to Bush's speech this past weekend.
All I hear now on the news are the voices of "we've lost and it's time to get out", nothing else.
I'm afraid the vietnamization of this war is complete. Like Vietnam after Tet, we'll find out 20 years later that we had it won. Unless Bush and some others find a pair and stand up.

hoarhey said...

I read what I just posted and confused myself.
One of the members of the surrender group, an ex Clinton appointee gave the Democrat rebuttal.

USS Ben said...

President Bush needs to play to his strength when speaking in public.

He is best when he doesn't read the careully scripted speeches.

When he speaks from his heart, he can move people.

He only does this rarely, and I cannot undersand why he doesn't do it more often.

He would do well to recruit some of the heroes of the war, like Roosevelt did, to go on a speaking tour.

During WW2 Roosevelt also silenced, whenever possible, all enemy propaganda.

Why not do the same in this war?
Because that is where we are losing.

He should come down hard on our own media, when secrets are published.

When he doesn't appear to take the release of classified material vital to our national security serious enough to prosecute and black-out those who hand it over to our enemies, it is no surprise the public will not either.

And why did he stop our military from publishing true propaganda in Iraq?

You are right on.
He needs to fight all these lies tooth and nail, with every chance he gets.

Once again it seems as if our military will be forced to cut and leave, with a burning desire to attain the victory their fellow warriors died for unfulfilled.