Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Good Point about the Blogosphere

In my LiveJournal today, I mentioned that reading the blogs was causing me some degree of anxiety. One of my commenters (all of whom are friends I know from another internet discussion group), a left-leaning Brit, made the following observation:
The blogs seem to thrive, don't they, on the following propositions:

— All progress by those I sympathise with is illusory, and real control continues to be exercised by their opponents. If there are any real gains, they are only temporary.

— All reverses are real and lasting, and more damaging than they at first appear.

— The mainstream media are completely in the hands of opponents, and consistently misrepresent things to the detriment of those I sympathise with.

— We are all going to die.

Conclusion: to feel good, read the blogs of the opposing viewpoint to your own.

I don't know about the conclusion (I suffer more anxiety when reading the lefty stuff), but the rest of it makes sense.

Incidentally, I have a link on this blog to my LiveJournal, but not vice-versa. Most of my LJ friends are left-leaning, and I really don't want to get into a big fight with them. (We did enough of that in our other internet life, thank you very much.) We've seen each other through some hard times, so it's not worth it to me to alienate them. They do know me as Dicentra, though, so maybe they'll find me through a random Google search and wonder why I never mentioned I had this other blog.

Bwa ha ha.

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