Friday, December 22, 2006

Double-Header from Orson Scott Card

The first essay, How Our Civilization Can Fall, explains how previous civilizations have fallen when their economies were decimated by barbarians, and how it could happen to us if we fail to destroy Islamic Supremacy now, while we still can.

The second essay, Honoring Those Who Died, made me so angry and so sad that I wanted to throttle someone. Not Card, but the people he is talking about. He describes a plane ride wherein he strikes up a conversation with a uniformed soldier who is escorting the coffin of a fallen soldier to his family.
The family was actually from another city, one with a much larger airport than this one. But they had opted to drive the extra miles to receive the coffin here ... so they could avoid the demonstrators who had lately been showing up.

No, not the despicable Fred Phelps: "Hippie college students."

Read the whole thing. It will make you want to throttle someone, too.

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hoarhey said...

Thanks for the links Dicentra.
"How Our Civlization Can Fall" fleshed out some of the things I've been thinking about from clues I've already seen which he mentions in the article. I believe that most people see the U.S. as invulnerable but as as was pointed out, economics and our own useful idiots are what will take us down, however the scenario.