Friday, November 10, 2006

USB Gadgets

Here's the latest in computer innovations: office gadgets that you plug into your USB port, which supplies the power for the gadget.

Items include heated gloves for chilly offices, fans, lighted Christmas trees, and mug warmers.

Also included on that site is a license plate flash frame, and Lileks suggests a few things you can do with it, to wit,

  • Display pi up to 118 numbers after the decimal point, but make one error, and wait for the sweet day when some math nerd leaves an angry note on your windshield.

  • Serialize the entire Warren Commission Report. The fix was in! The world's gotta know, man!

  • Bawdy limericks in Morse Code. It may take years, but eventually someone will sound out HA HA in Morse on their car horn, and it'll all be worthwhile.

  • Elaborate on your bumper stickers: "By 'Visualize World Peace' I mean imagine a global structure based on cooperation and love, led by unicorns." This would be helpful; for years I've heard a village in Texas is missing an idiot -- well, did they ever find him? Was he OK? Did he just wander off? I worry about the fellow.

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