Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Open Letter to the Republicans

You. Morons.

This is your fault, and nobody's but yours. Not the Dems, not the Alien Media Nation, not the "ignorance" or "stupidity" of the electorate.

They ran on a campaign in which they proposed exactly nothing, and they still won. Which means that you guys were running on less than nothing.

Let me tell you why you lost.

  • When you had the presidency and both houses of congress, you didn't act like you'd won. Instead of pushing your agenda, you kept playing nicey nice with the Dems. What do you want to bet they'll not return the favor?

  • The president is well-known for not being an articulate man. He did not and cannot sell the war in Iraq. You guys should have had his back. You should have chosen the most well-spoken among you and put in as much face time as possible in the media. Yes. That media.

  • The Gang of Fourteen. What the Sam Hill were you thinking? The Dems in the Senate behaved shamefully throughout the whole SCOTUS confirmation process, and instead of slapping them down for their bad manners, you rewarded them with a compromise. What a bunch of wusses!

  • You think that because you've got talk radio and half the blogosphere shilling for you, that you can sit back and let them do the talking for you. Guess what? The MSM still has the big microphone, and partly because of talk radio and the blogosphere, they've become even more shameless in their partisan attacks. You didn't stand up for yourselves.

  • You abandoned the Contract With America that got you into congress in the first place and ended up spending like drunken sailors. Pork, pork, pork, was what you indulged in, instead of selling the president's social security reforms. Let me give you a hint: pork is haraam.

  • Because the media is becoming increasingly shameless, they have been relentless with their "failure in Iraq" message. You needed to be just as relentless with the reality of Iraq, which is admittedly complex, but I don't think most Americans know that.

  • The border issue is extremely important to most Americans, but it didn't seem so to you all. We had to twist your stupid arms to get you to do anything at all, and in the end you did almost nothing. Way to go.

  • The Dems *coughReidPelosicough* behaved like spoiled children with all their name-calling and mud-slinging. You didn't fight back. You didn't need to be as nasty as they were, but you should have been firmer. You should have shamed them publicly for their nastiness. You should have stood up in righteous indignation and blasted them into ignominity. But you didn't utter a peep.
In short, you guys lost because you acted like a bunch of self-satisfied, pussifed, helpless imbecils. We had your back, but you didn't have ours.

I didn't vote Democrat this time because I don't want them to pull funding for the troops in Iraq. But I'm not sorry you lost. You deserved it. You lost Santorum for crying out loud. What the hell were you thinking?

Just remember one thing: in liberal Connecticut, the hawk beat the dove and beat him soundly, despite the intense support from the "netroots." They may be loud and insistent, but you need to be louder and more insistent.

Don't take your base for granted. Don't abandon good solid conservative principles like fiscal restraint. And most of all, DO NOT let the Dems pull the funding on Iraq. We don't need another Vietnam.

And we definitely don't need you all to fumble the ball on the two-yard line like you've been doing for the past six years. The stakes are too high. Get with the program or get out.

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