Monday, October 09, 2006

The Psychology of Muslims vis a vis the West

Isaac Schrodinger provides a primer on how Muslims react to the West. (h/t Muslihoon).

He breaks them down into four groups:

1) Indifferent -- They don't care one way or the other about the difference between the West and the Middle East.

2) Unnatural Thoughts -- They simultaneously support Western values such as human rights while not objecting to opposing mandates in the Quran.

3) Recoiling from the West -- The wild abandon and sensuality of the West repulses them, so they become ├╝ber-Muslims.

4) Embracing the Infidelosphere -- They remain Muslim, but they embrace the free exchange of ideas and human rights and stuff.

He lists some interesting thought patterns among the third group:

• Jooooos control the banks/news/world.
• The US should have left Afghanistan alone.
• Osama was framed for 9/11.
• The US is the most evil regime on Earth. (A few minutes later: Saudi Arabia is truly an ideal country.)
• I'm for free speech BUT...if it hurts Muslims...disrespects Islam...shows Muhammed in a thong...then "the racists" should be punished.
• I'm against suicide bombings BUT...
• There is a great non-Muslim conspiracy against Islam.
• Alcohol sellers and consumers, gays, uppity women and apostates should be punished.
• It is a crime to find a floating Quran in a toilet. Nothing wrong with Sharia, though.

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