Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Karl Rove outwits the sinistrosphere with both arms tied behind his back

So some fool leaks one apparently damning snippet of the NIE report, which suggests that our operations in Iraq are creating more terrorists. The sinistrosphere and their pals in the MSM go wild, so in "retaliation," Bush declassifies the report. Which was released in April, BTW.

And it turns out that the NIE report says pretty much the opposite of what the leaker leaked, which calls for the sinistrosphere and the MSM to eat crow. (They never will, but we can always hope, no?)

In other words, they're pwn3d. One reader tells Glenn Reynolds that Karl Rove must have set it up, leaking a tidbit that the lefties were sure to snatch up, then releasing the whole report to make them look like a bunch of opportunistic fools.

Quoth Glenn:

I don't really think that Karl Rove is smart enough to have set this up. But, really, with the opposition he faces, he doesn't have to be.

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