Wednesday, September 06, 2006

In Memory of Lawrence Don Kim (d. September 11, 2001)

Lawrence Don Kim was born on November 22, 1970. He was from Blue Bell, PA (just outside Philadelphia), rated as one of the "100 Best Places to Live in the United States" by Money magazine.

On September 11, he drove to work, arriving between 7:30am and 8:00am at the North Tower of the World Trade Center. It was his second day of work at Marsh & McLennan, which was located on the 96th floor. He was a Senior Manager of Information Technology for this insurance agency.

At 8:46am, American Airlines Flight 11 crashed into the north side of the North Tower, between the 93rd and 99th floors. Evidence suggests that all three of the building's stairwells became impassable from the 92nd floor up. Lawrence would have either been killed by the impact or trapped alive until the building's collapse.

Friends remember Lawrence—Larry—as a man with a strong appetite for life. In his quest for knowledge, he taught himself German so that he could read Freud in the original language. He also owned several versions of Martin Heidegger's Being and Time and could quote from Goethe's Faust.

His appetite for food included favorites such as donuts, wine, NYC vendor hot dogs, his sister's pancakes, and General Tso's chicken, which he would cook for his father.

His appetite for life was manifest in his love for pop music such as Celine Dion and the movie Philadelphia, which he watched two dozen times.

His appetite for work earned him a reputation as a workaholic. At a former place of employment, Time Warner in Tampa, security guards became alarmed because his car was parked in the same place for eight straight days while he worked on a project.

"Larry was an angel to his family and friends here on earth; he now watches over us from above. We will always remember his smiling face and that wonderful personality that could melt even the coldest of hearts. It's been a year since Larry was taken from us so suddenly along with so many other good, honest people, but the pain still lingers and it will stay. Minor relief comes only in knowing that we now have a guardian angel. I was blessed in having such a caring, generous friend, even though our time was too short. We miss and love you Larry." — Marci Wolfe

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kateandjona said...

Thank you for sharing. It's a fine tribute!

Anonymous said...

this brought me lot of good memories about Larry. He and I used to work together at Razorfish and I remember we pulled so many late night hours together at the office. Was such a nice guy, hard working and overall upstanding.