Wednesday, August 16, 2006


I've decided to create another blog to complement the one I have on Live Journal. The LJ is supposed to be more of a diary than a blog, and I have kept it free of politics as much as possible because most of my readership is to the left of center. And they can kick my butt in a debate. So no thanks.

But I've been feeling a lot of anxiety lately what with the situation with the mideast and the War on Terror getting scarier. Not scarier in the sense that I think we're on the brink of annihilation. I'm not living in fear of the next terrorist attack, if it comes. If they get me, they get me, but I doubt SLC is high on their priority list.

So I'm not a bedwetter. What's causing the distress is the bizzaro world's reaction to the situation, the inversion of values, the freakin' insanity of the thought processes of the Euroleft and the jihadis themselves.

Commenting on another's blog is fine, but then the blogger chooses the topic. Here I get to bloviate on the subject of my choice without eating up someone else's bandwidth. And without worrying about TROLLS, because I have no readership. :D

Which is fine with me. I'm OK with not being heard.

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