Wednesday, August 30, 2006

North Korea

I'm watching a documentary about North Korea. It is the most depressing thing I have ever seen. The people who are filming the documentary are being led around by a guide, so of course they see only the "nice" parts of the country. Big pageants and processions, theatrical dances and such. The mausoleum of the Great Leader, where his private train car and Mercedes are on display.

The people have been fed endless mythical tales about Kim Jong Il and his father, that heavenly cranes were going to take the father away but they saw how sad people were about it so they left him in the palacial mausoleum. The propagandists make up stories about Kim Jong Il's supernatural powers. The people buy it because they have no choice.

Then there is the surrepticious footage of the faceless cement apartment buildings, the starvation, people eating tree bark and clay to fill their empty stomachs. Escapees tell tales of concentration camps and political prisoners being messily murdered.

Dennis Prager is right: the whole country is a concentration camp. Here's a famous photo of North and South Korea at night. North Korea is almost completely dark. What an apt metaphor.

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